by Justin Hong on July 27th, 2010

KTM - Adventure review

Austrian made KTM has been making headlines over the years with their dominance in the Off-road, Trails and Cross categories. So when the opportunity to test the 990cc Adventure came, I was close to sleepless, in eager anticipation.

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by Justin Hong on June 8th, 2010

BMW’s S1000RR 1000cc superbike might not be making big waves in World Superbike competition just yet, but today’s release of photos, specifications and a hugely detailed press pack leaves us in no doubt that the new Beemer flagship will be an absolute monster on the road. A massive 193 horsepower is just the beginning – the S1000RR packs a combined ABS that’s lighter and smarter than Honda’s, variable intake tracts and exhaust butterflies that outdo the Yamaha and MV Agusta systems, a 4-mode variable engine mapping system that seems a lot better thought-out than Suzuki’s, and a very clever traction control system that’s integrated into the mind-boggling fly-by-wire engine management system in a way that seems much more logical than Ducati’s. Brand new in every way, this purpose-built German superbike is set to hit showroom floors well before the end of the year.

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by Justin Hong on June 8th, 2010

Austrian make KTM with their latest offering, the Stealthy looking RC 8 is one bomber that took the super biking world with a storm. Considering that this is their first superbike venture, KTM has indeed done an excellent job.

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by Justin Hong on June 8th, 2010

Dark clouds were looming over the horizon at Sepang International circuit the day where 4 fabulous Spyder Can-Am were awaiting to be put to test. For those who think that the Spyder is a convertible 4 wheeler, well you got half of that correct. Yes, it does not have a roof but instead of 4 wheels, it has only 3.

BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), the parent company of Can-Am is well known for its snow mobile and ATV and now comes along the Spyder. It is neither a car nor a bike but handles like a car and gives you the feel of a bike. The Spyder has a height of about 1.15m, has 165/65R14 front wheels, a 225/50R15 rear wheel, is equipped with dynamic power steering and a choice of sequential Manual 5 speed transmission or a sequential Electronic 5 speed transmission. The Manual transmission comes with a clutch and the gear shifting is just like that of a bike. The Electronic version has a shifter located on the left handle bar and shifting through gears a real breeze. All models of Spyder come with reverse gear and engaging it is so much easier and faster than on a Goldwing or a car.

It takes a while to get use to the way the Spyder handles. But once you are familiar with the gear shift, brakes and throttle, it is really a fun machine to ride on. The steering is like a motorcycle and the response is quite sensitive, like on a Jet Ski or an ATV. I was a little worried that the Spyder will topple over on corners at high speed but the fabulous traction control makes sure that does not happen. The Stability Control System (SCS) which has sensors controlling the wheel speed, handlebar angle and engine output will regain control of the Spyder if you “renegade”. However the “brains” or ECU, all 3 of them, does let you have some fun in the form of some tire-smoking launches in a straight line.

Twist the ignition key and with a push of your right thumb, the V-twin liquid cooled, fuel injected 998cc Rotex power plant kicks in. This is the same power plant that can be found on Aprillia’s V-twin. The test machine was fitted with sport exhaust by “Hindle” and the bass output was music to my ears. After a full lap, I decided to put its performance to test. I managed to hit 185 km/h on the 106 hp machine on the back straight and that’s not on full throttle yet. The front screen did a good job in keeping the wind from blasting my small frame off the comfortable and well padded seat. Revving the RPM to the red line on every gear shift is smooth and comes without any glitch. I would have gone on forever if I had not run out of all 5 gears and straights roads, or rather track.

Braking is through a foot actuated lever that stops all 3 wheels and are equipped with ABS and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution). The Spyder also comes with additional foot brake to stop it from “running off” in sloppy or uneven areas. It works just like a car hand brake.

Instruments come in the form of dual analog with LCD speedometer, tachometer, ambient temperature, engine temperature, fuel gauge and gear position indicator. The dials are well designed and clear.

So for those of you who like to be different, having a Spyder and riding it around town will definitely turn heads. Though I would not recommend riding it during peak traffic hours down town. It would be great to ride with your riding buddies on those outstation and weekends trips or just a romantic ride with your love ones for holidays or dinner. Just make sure the jockey knows how to handle and park your Spyder.

By: Justin Hong
by Justin7k on June 2nd, 2010

As promised below are the pictures of the Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon:-

Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon customized

From the side view the bike looks amazing especially with the Red Dragon airbrushed paint job.

Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon

3 Quarter view of the bike.

Side view Fairing Airbrush Design Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon

The Fairing airbrushed design of the Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon.

Fuel tank Airbrush Design Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon

The tank  airbrush design with the head of the dragon  placed superbly on the side of the tank with glowing eyes.

Rear seat cover airbrush design Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon

Of course not forgetting the Back seat cover nicely Airbrushed design with the owners lucky number.

With a paint job like this you will definitely get tonnes of attention wherever you go to.

What is a bike that looks good without substance? Below are the additional mods made to the bike to make it go faster look faster and of course feel faster just like a pro racer.

Frame Slider Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon

Frame Slider – of course is a must for this bikes paint job from unintentional drop of the bike.

Yoshimura R55 Exhaust slip on system with Gold Footrest Kawasaki zx6r Dragon

Exhaust – Yoshimura R55 slip on ( Not only it looks good , you should hear it!)

Racing footrest gold Chear performance Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon

Racing footrest – Chear Performance CKW ( For more info on this footrest check out our store at Juza Motors)

Customised Rear Hugger with ZX-6R emblem fitted on Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon

A perfectly crafted Hugger with ZX-6R emblem.

Wheel Rim Sticker + Frame Slider Kawasaki ZX6R Dragon

Rim Stickers from Puig which matches the paint color.

Overall This is an awesome bike from the performance to the outlook , the kawasaki zx6r itself is already a pretty good bike to own. With mods like this and performance parts fitted on this bike, you can rest asure attention is always on your side and definitely tonnes of riding pleasure.

If you are interested to know more about the parts used please view our store at

Picture courtesy of : Eternity Studio